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You need a healthy mix of shippers and brokers to thrive in trucking! Having trouble finding shippers? We can help!

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  • Step 1: Build An Online Presence

    If someone types 'trucking companies' near your zip code, would your name pop up? The problem is twofold: you can't find direct shippers, and they can't find you. Build your website in seconds with our tools.

  • Step 2: Not All Freight is Created Equal

    Taking on every load seems like the fastest way to growth, but it limits your growth. Instead, specialize in one niche and select loads that align with your capabilities and profit margins. This approach will make you the go-to carrier in your region for that sector. Haul smarter, not just more. Contact us to help you identify your niche.

  • Step 3: Make Your Shipper's Life Easier

    Do not be the cheapest carrier. Be the easiest carrier. This strategy will not only establish you as a go-to choice but also earn more referrals. Discover how our suite of tools can simplify your shipper's experience.

  • Step 4: Be a technology-driven trucking company

    The old way of trucking is getting buried in the $5 tasks to do everything manually. The new way of trucking is finding a software to automate the $5 tasks, so you can focus on the $500 to find shippers. Let Truckpedia automate all the manual tasks for you.

  • Step 5: The secret to 10x your revenue

    Our founder scaled a trucking company from 3 to 50 trucks in 3 years by following the steps above. This is a proven, replicable strategy. You can emulate this success on your own manually, or leverage Truckpedia automatically. Simply click here.

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Regardless if it's from your emails or a random PDF from any shippers and brokers, Truckpedia AI can automate them all in one click.

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Frequently asked question

Yes. Please go to Apple or Google Store to download Truckpedia Driver to access their account. Admin can create a driver login in Setting.

To sign up as a driver, your admin must create an account for you in the portal.

Yes, you can assign the role for Admin, Dispatch, and Mechanic.

In Truckpedia, all documents are stored in the cloud. Each load will automatically generate a folder with your customized load number. Inside the folder, you will find rate confirmation, invoice, POD, and pictures associated with this load that your drivers upload from their phone. You are also able to email to bill your customer with selected documents or download them to your desktop.

At Truckpedia, customer trust is our top priority. We offer you industry-leading encryption features to protect your data.

We are happy to assist via phone and email support from our experts to answer any questions you may have.

We are thankful that you like to continue using our platform to run your business! You can simply go to Setting to update your credit card information to subscribe to our service.

Please save your customer information on an excel sheet and email it to us and we will help you import into your system.

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