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Customer Testimonial

“I can't tell you how much we've been using it and how it's changed how we do things and keeps everything organized... We're able to see what's going on now. Knowing where all our loads are, our team knows what's in every truck. We can see where all our trucks are now. It's a whole lot easier… All of you are a 10. You all respond most of the time within minutes. Everyone has always been very supportive.”

Joseph Preston

One Leg Up Logistics, LLC

“Truckpedia saves me an awful amount of time… I love the ease of the invoicing. It's all on the system and I like that… once it's uploaded I don't have to mess with anything. It is a huge time saver and I think the display is wonderful… everything is just there. It's very user friendly.”


Scotty's - Trucking LLC

“My favorite thing about Truckpedia is that it syncs with my ELD, it's convenient, and very user friendly out of all the other TMS's I've used. It's easier to keep track of loads, manage driver pay… at the end of the week with just a click of a couple buttons I can get all that done. Truckpedia has helped streamline the whole process. With a few clicks of a buttons, I can send the broker the tracking link, they get the BOL, and it definitely helps make my life a lot easier.”


Keith Roberts Enterprises Inc. (MBE1)

“The best thing for me you know is that they are willing to work with us and customize with us based on our business model. It was definitely the selling point for me. I know we have an app or a developer willing to work with us based on how we run our business, and not someone who expects us to fit into and work with how they have it set up.”

Amanda Asti

“I think it's just the next step for transportation that people haven't seen yet… My family's been in the industry for 20-30+ years and they've seen this software and are amazed with how much it actually does… And I've heard about Justin's [CEO/Founder] background and I've seen the vision he has… that's what's got me staying here… I know, in five years, Truckpedia is going to be completely life changing to this industry… Just the AI part of it, how it reads tenders, the features, partnerships… I know Truckpedia is definitely going to be something that if you're not using now, you're going to want to use.”


Harvwill - Harvwill Enterprise LLC